Engineering Exploration

The first year Engineering course – “Engineering Exploration” is one of the unique outcomes of innovative education ecosystem of Deogiri Institute of Engineering and Management Studies. This is team-taught course that focuses on problem solving, Engineering Design, Multi-disciplinary skills, Ethics and Data Acquisition & Analysis. This course is co-designed and co-taught by faculty members drawn from multiple engineering disciplines & it follows Project Based Learning (PBL) pedagogy. Students work in teams to solve identified problems. This course serve as a platform for peer learning and push students in Multi-disciplinary design thinking in first year itself.

Under this course, total 40 Products/Prototypes are done by 190 students which will be on display. The focus of the course is on “Engineering Design Process”. Thirty four need statements covering broad themes of environmental, educational, smart appliances, smart agriculture, industrial needs etc. are used by students to carve out problem definitions. Project implementation is done by students using Arduino, NodeMCU, Raspberry-Pi, GSM Module, GPS Module, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi platform. This Course provides an opportunity for freshman students to learn in new ecosystem.

Specialty of this course is that it is not a part of academic curriculum, still we are running this innovative course. The flow chart of this course is shown below;

Need Statement

Course Content 2019-20