Industry Cell

Preface / Vision

The concept of Industry Cell is to escalate the relationship between the academia and industry resulting in a mutually beneficial partnership. The cell is committed to act as a catalyst for advancing the interaction between academics and industry through cooperation amongst faculties, student and the practicing industrialists to meet the gap between knowledge creation and its application.  Industry cell enables students to be aware of the lacunae in their skills and provides an opportunity to upgrade them. It also enables faculty to be aware of industry expectations & train students to meet these expectations. This will enhance the teaching learning process and enable the Institution to produce quality students.


Objectives of industry cells:

  • To cultivate the strong links with industry
  • To catalyze the further growth and development of interaction between the Institute and Industry
  • To give industrial exposure to faculty members and students, thus enabling them to tune their knowledge to cope with the industrial culture
  • To assist the Departments in organizing workshops, conferences and expert lectures with joint participation of the industries
  • To encourage faculty members to use their expertise in solving the problems faced by the industries, thus creating opportunity for consultancy
  • To organize industrial visits for Faculty members and students
  • To organize in-plant training for the students
  • To enable academics to take a sabbatical in industries; provide internships for students in industries, which will prepare the students better for entering the industry


Activities or Action plan

  • Preparing and updating a comprehensive directory of technology experts in different fields of expertise and know-how and forging continuing link with them through various means of involvement like talks, guest lectures, research collaboration,students project guidance, seminars, etc.
  • Preparing and updating of an information brochure giving salient features of the institute including various program, R&D activities (completed/ongoing), expertise available along with equipment and testing facilities.
  • Establishing and continuing liaison between faculty in the institute, representatives from the industries and representatives from the organization involved in the promotion of industrial development in the region for mutual benefits to both the systems i.e. industry and institute.
  • Identifying and preparing / updating a list of top executives and technologies from various industries / establishment in the region and working out a system of inviting them to address the faculty and students
  • Organizing refresher courses / training program for working professional.
  • Exhibit facilities of the institute and showcase faculty expertise to industry for attracting consultancy works.
  • Facilitate and accelerate training and placement
  • Joint Research & Development activities and field studies by faculty and people from industries.

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Sr. No Academic
of Projects
Number of
1 2019-2020 46 31 126 Many more are implemented
& few more are under process
2 2018-2019 34 20 103 All are completed &
3 2017-18 14 14 84 All are completed &
4 2016-17 10 05 32 All are completed &

Committee Members

Sr.No Name of Faculty Department
1 Prof. Marlapalle Bapurao G. Mechanical
2 Prof. Chinchkhedkar Srinivas R. BSH
3 Dr.Magar Deepak B. MBA
4 Prof.Dachawar Krishana R. BSH
5 Prof. Patil Tejas B. Mechanical
6 Prof.Sawadekar Nilesh V. BSH


Prof. Marlapalle Bapurao G.
Deogiri Institute of Engineering & Management Studies,Auranagabad