• To clarify the Management nuances through evolution and functions of management
  • To acquaint the students in identifying the behavioural Patterns of Human beings at
    individual & group levels in the context of an organization.


  • Train the students by collaborative teaching learning environment to make them Employable.
  • Equip the students with necessary managerial skill sets by sustained efforts.
  • Develop the ability of students to inculcate socio-ethical values in real life situation.
  • Enhance competency of students as per industry demand.


  • The ability to understand, analyze and apply management concepts in the areas related to marketing, human resources and finance for efficient running of the business organization of varying complexity in competitive era.
  • Help students to explore practical application of the management concept.
Sr.No. Staff Name Designation Mobile No. email
1 Mr.RUPESH REBBA H.O.D. 9579397158
2 DR. RUSHINA KHAN Assistant professor 7276317730
3 Ms.MEDHA KULKARNI Assistant professor 9404016562
4 Mr.CHANDRAKANT PHAD Assistant professor 9595959793
5 Mr.ROGER INGLES Assistant professor 9975340072
6 DR. MANGESH DASARE Assistant professor 9130227355
7 DR. ATTAL GURPREET Assistant professor 9595644555
8 DR. JYOTI MUNDE Assistant professor 7276778331
9 Mr.BHARAT PAWAR Assistant professor 7709532759
10 Mr.PRASAD SAHASRABUDHE Assistant professor 7057078044
11 Mr.AMAR MALI Assistant professor 9860844233
12 DR. FEEROJ PATHAN Assistant professor 9922773579
13 Mr.VAIBHAV VASUNDEKAR Assistant professor 9049976839
14 Mr.Saniya Shiurkar Assistant Professor
15 Mr.Raman Karde Assistant Professor 9049411105
16 Mr.Magar D.B. Assistant Professor 8329661470



Sr.No. Name of Resource Person Designation and Organization Date Topic
1 Mr.Arun Prasad Head, CAD/CAM Dept.,CIPET 26/08/2016 CAD/CAM
2 Mr.L.K.Gurjar GM, DP Auto Pvt.Ltd. 26/08/2016 Forging
3 Dr. Sandip Lokhande Dentist And Spirutual Expert 14/01/2017 Spiritual Motivation Regarding Academics Development
4 Mr.Sunil Raithatta Director, Vinorai Engineers 13/02/2017 Entrepreneurship Development
5 Mr. Rakhamaji Jadhav Owner,Jadhav Mandap And Decorators 15/02/2017 Motivational
6 Mrs.Archana Gondhalekar Advocate 25/02/2017 Women Empowerment And Safety
7 Mrs.Smita Avchar Head,Dept Of Sociology,Dr.B.A.M.U.Aurangabad 28/02/2017 Women Empowerment


Sr.No. Name of Resource Person Designation and Organization Date Topic
1 Mr.Milind Kank Director, Yashashree Group 9/12/2015 Introduction To Industry Culture
2 Mr.Arun Prasad Head, CAD/CAM Dept.,CIPET 30/10/2015 CAD/CAM
3 Mr.L.K.Gurjar GM, DP Auto Pvt.Ltd. 26/02/2016 Forging
4 Mr.K.P.Bijamwar AGM, Metalman Pvt.Ltd. 25/03/2016 Basics Of Engineering



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