Event Details

Jan 18 ,2021 to Feb 2,2021

10.30 am to 12.30 pm & 3 pm to 5 pm



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  1. Day 1 Session 1 on Aurangabad -The City of Industry  by Mr. Mukund Kulkarni
  2. Day 1 Session 2 on Aurangabad the Heritage by Dr. Rajesh Ragde
  3. Day 2 Session No. 3 on Effective Use of Social Media & Cyber Security by Mr. Satish Kulkarni and Mr. Suhas Rautmare
  4. Day 2 Session No. 4 on Industry 4.0 by Mr. Rajendra Deshpande
  5. Day 3 Session No. 5 on Technical Careers in Armed Forces for Ladies and Gentlemen by Mr. Shirish Tambe
  6. Day 3 Session No. 6  on Innovation Lead Education by Mr. Prasad Kokil
  7. Day 4 Session No. 7  on Responsibility towards Environment as an Engineer By Dr. U. D. Kulkarni
  8. Day 4 Session No. 8  on Engineer in shoes of Defence Scientist By Dr.Bhushan Joshi
  9. Day 5 Session No. 09  on Banking System in India by Dr. Mukund Abhyankar
  10. Day 5 Session No. 10  on Rural Entrepreneurship by Mr. Uday Deolankar
  11. Day 6 Session No.11 on Legislative Bodies in India By Dr. Makarand Paithankar
  12. Day 6 Session No.12 on Time & Stress Management by Mr. Avinash Chate
  13. Day 7 Session No.13 on Deogiri Club Activity By Prof.Pankaj Durole
  14. Day 7 Session No.14 on Great Engineers By Prof. R.H.Shinde
  15. Day 8 Session No.15 on Planning to Become IAS_IPS from First Year of Engineering by Mr. Swapnil Pundkar
  16. Day 8 Session No.16 on  Importance of Exercise and Health by Dr. Uttam Kalwane
  17. Day 9 Session No.17 on Need of Foreign Language by Mrs. Sujata Kolekar
  18. Day 9 Session No.18 on Importance of Reading By Dr. Avinash Saoji
  19. Day 10 Session No.19 on German Language- A window of Opportunities By Mrs. Aditi Vyasraj Jambagi
  20. Day 10 Session No.2o on Future of Automobiles By Dr. K C Vora
  21. Day 11 Session No.21 on Make Yourself Ready for Job By Dr.Shitalkumar Rawandale
  22. Day 11 Session No.22  on GATE from First Year of Engineering By Mr. Sumit Kumar
  23. Day 12 Session No.23 Overseas Education and Introduction to GRE, TOEFL & IELTS By Mr. Anirudh Hatwalne
  24. Day 13 Director’s Address