Masters in Business Administration

Intake Approved for 2018-19 : 180
(Full Time, 2 Years / 4 Semester Degree)
Established: 2009 
DTE code : 211419110

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Masters in Business Administration

Sr.No. Staff Name Designation Mobile No.
1 Mr.RUPESH REBBA H.O.D. 9579397158
2 DR. RUSHINA KHAN Assistant professor 7276317730
3 Ms.MEDHA KULKARNI Assistant professor 9404016562
4 Mr.CHANDRAKANT PHAD Assistant professor 9595959793
5 Mr.ROGER INGLES Assistant professor 9975340072
6 DR. MANGESH DASARE Assistant professor 9130227355
7 DR. ATTAL GURPREET Assistant professor 9595644555
8 DR. JYOTI MUNDE Assistant professor 7276778331
9 Mr.BHARAT PAWAR Assistant professor 7709532759
10 Mr.PRASAD SAHASRABUDHE Assistant professor 7057078044
11 Mr.AMAR MALI Assistant professor 9860844233
12 DR. FEEROJ PATHAN Assistant professor 9922773579
13 Mr.VAIBHAV VASUNDEKAR Assistant professor 9049976839

Industrial Visits

Masters in Business Administration

Guest Lectures

Masters in Business Administration


Sr. No. Name of Resource Person Designation and Organization Class Date Topic
1 Mr. Umesh Dashrathi MD, Rucha Engineering, Aurangabad MBA I & II Year 9/1/2017 Inspire Talk Series
2 Mr. Pratap Dhopte Managing Director, Excelize India Pvt Ltd, A’badManaging Director, Excelize India Pvt Ltd, A’bad MBA I & II Year 1/25/2018 Inspire Talk Series
3 Ms. Medha Kulkarni Assistant Professor
5 Mr. Chandrakant Phad Assistant Professor
6 Mr. Ingles Roger Assistant Professor
7 Mr. Raman Karde Assistant Professor
8 Mr. Mangesh Dasare Assistant Professor
9 Dr. Gurpreet Attal Assistant Professor
10 Ms. Jyoti Munde Assistant Professor
11 Mr. Bharat Pawar Assistant Professor
12 Mr. Prasad Sahasrabudhe Assistant Professor
13 Mr. Amarsingh Mali Assistant Professor
14 Ms. Saniya Shiurkar Assistant Professor
15 Mr. D. B. Magar Assistant Professor
16 Ms. R. M. Ludrik Assistant Professor
17 Mr. F. N. Pathan Assistant Professor
18 Mr. V. V. Vasundekar Assistant Professor


UG Syllabus

Department Computer Science Mechanical Civil Electronics
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PG Syllabus

Department Computer Science Mechanical Civil Electronics
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