Event Details

Oct 17,2022 - Oct 20,2022

24 hrs online

H2STC DIEMS Hactoberfest

H2STC DIEMS Innovators Hackathon is here for technology enthusiast by H2S and Deogiri Institute Of Engineering And Management Studies. Here we are to celebrate Hactoberfest. Hacktoberfest can be an especially welcoming time to dip your toes into open source contributions for the first time. Hacktoberfest can be great for finishing off a project, or starting something fresh. Maintainers are the keystone of open source. This year’s Hacktoberfest has a new, added focus: empowering open source maintainers. Participate in OpenSource projects and make contributions for a great experience, a chance to win cool swags, and other benefits. Start your OpenSource Journey. Get chance to explore Git-Github with Hactoberfest



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